Online Digital Marketing (Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners)

Online Digital Marketing (Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners)

Digital marketing is used for the term “online advertising” which can be done through different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube etc. Digital marketing era started from the 2000s and it has been increasing day by day. In the previous era, people used to advertise their products through physical shops, banners, and pamphlets etc. But as we are developing and now people are moving towards technologies that’s why it is replaced by online marketing.

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Types of E-Marketing:

There are different types of services of digital marketing by which you can advertise your project on different platforms in a very simple way. So let’s get the ball rolling and have a look one by one on each type of online advertising.

  1. Pay per Click (PPC)/ Search Engine Marketing (SEM):

It is one of the prominent types of digital marketing. It includes two types SEO and PPC. SEO is the unpaid service of SEM and PPC is paid service of SEM.  It helps your business to gain traffic and visibility on the internet through ads via Google, Bing etc. E-marketer pays a certain amount to publishers for promoting their websites or business online. Further metrics are used for search engine marketing like CPC (cost per click), CPM( cost per thousand impressions). Search engine mostly shows paid results above organic results. SEO and SEM look similar with a little bit different in appearance. The most and commonly paid search services are Google Adwords and Bing ads which permit you to purchase space on the basis of target keywords, the viewer, locations, demographics and a lot of data.


  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

It is the second type of digital marketing which commonly used for ranking websites and visibility in an unpaid way. People can gain traffic by using different SEO tools like keyword research etc. SEO helps you to bring your website on the first page in Google research and get more awareness, conversions etc. But it also has some principles like managing internal and externals link from various websites. You can practice SEO through metadata, brand evangelism, social presence etc.


  1. Social media marketing online:

You can say that this especially for youngsters as we all know that nowadays, billions of people including kids, teenagers and adults are socially active on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc so the best option is to advertise your business on these platforms, here you can also know your audience mindset, interest and work online through it. Furthermore, you can also find the various niche, forums and discussions and two-way discussions on these platforms and boost up your business. But remember to run suitable ads.



• If you are on Facebook you should use video ads, images ads, canvas etc.

• If you are on Linkedin you should Use text ads, sponsored content etc.

• If you are on Instagram you should use images, videos, and carousel

• If you are on Snapchat you should use snap ads, sponsored Geofilters ( small business) etc

• If you are on Twitter you should use promoted accounts, tweets, and trends etc.


  1. E-mail marketing:

E-marketing is one of the oldest but fruitful types of E-marketing. E-marketers use email marketing to boost up and gain more interest from their customers. They tried to deliver all info about specific products through email marketing. It helps to make bound and deep relations with your customers at a suitable cost rather than you spend a lot of money on social media for trading.  A marketer should use different steps for making relationships on email like use announcements, invitations, newsletters, and offers. And remember to use best-automated tools and avoid being a spammer and get blacklisted.  Always use high-quality content and landing pages.


  1. Content marketing:

Content marketing is a prominent and decent way to promote your business and brand. In this type, marketers target their audience interest and write various articles on interesting niche topics like entertainment, science etc and concentrate on designing, publishing, promoting, and content quality so that audience gets engaged on their website and share their point of views on the website as well. But there are a few things you should focus on, including but not limited to:


• Get awareness about the niche on which you want to write content.

• Share your content on all possible platforms so that a number of people can read your content.

• Marketers can use some marketing techniques like a blog, infographics, videos, podcasts, webinars, landing pages, templates, email and social media etc to gain traffic on their websites.


  1. Smart Phone Marketing Online:

In this modern era, everyone is using smartphones even youngsters and little kid as well. Therefore, smartphone marketing also becomes a precious type of online advertising. It will be beneficial and quite easy if you target a younger audience. You have numerous options to arrive prospect through their smartphones. According to the recent report 2019, 94% global average open rate of text messages in communication provider. As a result, you have a great opportunity to engage the audience on smartphones. You can also impart your audience free mobile apps which can perform some engagement on Android and iOS devices. Through which you can enhance your visibility. Some famous messaging platform permits you to make bots and acquire audience attention quickly.


  1. Affiliate marketing:

This type is my favorite because it reduces your E-marketing workload and it has no upfront cost. You can just outsource your business to an external service provider and you just have to pay for conversions. Affiliate marketers do all the marketing activities like landing pages, banners replacement etc. and another benefit of affiliate marketing is that you can decide by yourself on the terms and rates which you have to pay to affiliates. The most famous programs for affiliate marketing are Amazon, eBay, ClickBank etc. where everyone works to promote Amazon products and earn fruitful commission after the deal is closed. It is not bounded to big brands and businesses, small businesses can also make an affiliate program for promoting their products. NEWS

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