Content Marketing: 5 Best Practices that Generates More Leads For Your Business


Whether you are a digital marketer or content creator, you focus on one thing- lead generation. As per a study, 63% of marketing teams cite that creating leads is the biggest challenge. Content creators now will have to focus on playing to the gallery alongside creating unique titles too. SEO Marketing today is incomplete without focusing content for generating leads for your business site.

In the past, marketers were focusing on keywords and being on the top of the search engine result alone. However, today, their focus has raised one-notch ahead.


What Does Content Marketing Look Like


What are the ways to create content to draw an audience? Let us check the best practices in SEO Checklist one-by-one.

  1. Know All About Your Customers: As per a report by McKinsey, companies can make as much as 85% sales growth and 25% gross margin by understanding their customers. It is not just enough to know the geographical details or the age group of your customers. You would need to create a distinct and elaborate image of your customer. It should then detail about the gender, the preference and the sensibilities that he or she has. Does your product reach to a specific category of clients only? For instance, if you are making golf kits, your customer base will be comprised of golfers and amateurs primarily. However, if the product is more diverse and caters to a bigger community, then draw up all the images and understand how the product works for each of them.

For instance, if your product is toothpaste, then it has a grip across people of all ages. You can create content knowing their tastes and their preferences as per this available data. Look out for online customer research tools to help you narrow down your customer preference database.

  1. Create the Content that Sells: What sells in SEO Marketing? Great content always works. However, here too, proceeding without a master plan cannot give you an effective result. So, you need to have the purpose in mind. 
  • Is the content going to create awareness about the product or the brand?
  • Is the main purpose to stir interest in the brand and its information?
  • Is the content going to display product-related data sheet or other such effective worksheets?

For driving in traffic to a site, or a social media handle, or a business profile, the content can be video, or articles and blogs, social media posts and more. Photo content can be ideal if you are in fashion, food, or travel industry. The lead generating content can be mailers with outstanding offers. Giveaways or free ebooks and discounts are great lead generating content that you can send directly to the customer’s or potential customer’s email ID. These should be with a great offer and encouraging enough for a person to open and opt-in to shop from your site or store.


Content Marketing 5 Best Practices - Infographics
Content Marketing 5 Best Practices – Infographics


  1. Platforms for Channeling the Content: When you have your content ready, you will need to know the best places to use them. A webinar-based post might be more crucial and find a great potential on YouTube or other video marketing platforms. It’s important to note if you are going for both paid and organic promotion in these channels. 

You cannot afford to take your posts light. You must spend the time to bring in quality and style to each post and spend time in defining strategy. There are organic posts and there are paid posts.

  • Organic posts: For organic lead generating content, you will need to remember to be patient. You cannot expect great traffic on day one itself. It takes persistence and remarkable quality of content to reach out more if you are aiming to generate leads. You will need to have grammatically correct content for helping the site or the platform for good website ranking.
  • Paid posts: For paid ads, you will need to have some really cool ads that can stand out. These will give great leverage to your brand as a whole. Keep the language and the feel consistent with the brand and the style it represents. As per the report, on an average 41% of clicks go for the top three paid ads on Google Search engine results. You can go for Google Ad Words, social media posts and even banner or native ads appearing on the other social media platforms. You can get more visibility here with these content and even faster turnaround in terms of leads.
  1. Content Plan: Now comes the actual content planning. You will need to sit with your marketing team and discuss the frequency and the number of content you will post. As per a study, companies that posted 16 or more content every month got 3.5 times more traffic than companies that posted zero to four topics per month. There should be content dedicated to every platform.

This is more vital if you have money going out for each post promotion. Since the ads will also be featuring in the ‘recommended reads’ by the posts of other writers, you must take care of quality. Does that post make sense and suit the type of audience that platform will have? Check out all of these and try to create content for the campaign. There should be a regular flow of content at the days you have set for your brand. Use the WordPress plugin like Edit Flow to keep track of the content and to help in communicating with the member’s anything regarding the content.

  1. Create an Irresistible Content: The content for you to post will need to be one of the irresistible pieces. It may be informative or plain instructive or even engaging in tone. Whatever it is, the marketers should use it as an ideal lead magnet title in the mailers. They should be able to bring in more traffic and create a sensation. Instead of using clickbait topics, genuinely engaging topics will be of great essence. Optimizing the blog site or the content with an opt-in format can help your posts become popular.

SEO Marketing has always come to the help of many entrepreneurs and bloggers alike. Their use of smart optimization techniques can build in interest and bring in unique traffic every day as per your requirement.


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