Reputation Management

What is Reputation Management?

Online reputation management also termed as ORM is the process of retaining company’s reputation by designing some strategies that shapes the positive public influence of that company or individual.

How to retain company reputation?

In online business management, the only source of retaining company reputation is your website. Online websites allows the consumers to be aware of the newest products, launches and other online updates from the companies. The website is the gateway for maintaining company’s reputation. To maintain a positive company reputation, you need to maintain web reputation. With web reputation, your website will give access to all the customers that visit it.

What Reputation Management
Reputation Management

What is web reputation software?


Web reputation software is the software that checks the URLs and enhances protection against mischievous websites. Web reputation software automatically blocks a website that contains some threats, virus or any other malicious activity that may harm client’s devices.

Steps to manage online reputation:

Every company has some online sources through which it advertises its products, services and technicalities. In the proceeding line some steps are mentioned for increasing positive online reputation:


  1. A company owner should build their own online reputation by launching a high quality website that has optimized listings on online directories.
  2. Active presence on social media is also mandatory for online reputation of a company.
  3. Company should monitor its website’s reputation through online reputation management tools including google alerts and google analytics.
  4. Online reputation is built through engaging the audience through comments and suggestion. A website owner builds company reputation by responding to positive and negative comments in a polite and decent manner.
  5. Compare yourself with your competitors for increasing your company reputation.
  6. Choose a better route for managing reputation as website/company’s manager is not responsible for the reputation building; people are building opinions and spreading it all around. It is always difficult to repair the damage that hits the reputation of a company in online forums so, it is always better to carefully build the online business from the starting point and if necessary, start it from the zero point instead of managing to repair the damage.
  7. The focal person should be in touch with targeted audience at every social media forum.
  8. A company should always keep its promises.
  9. Never look back at the failures and faults. Always keep your face forward and focus on the goals for building company’s reputation.
  10. Take serious interest in the URL and other web reputation details as web reputation is most important thing in building company’s positive reputation around the globe.
  11. Make the outlook as well as services and replies of the company as awesome as possible.
  12. Never do spam as it clears your entire positive image on social media and other online forums. It also decreases a company’s ranking on online forums e.g., google etc.
  13. Always ask for customer’s feedback as it helps a company to grow by leaps and bounds.

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