SEO Strategy: 5 Tips To Help You Succeed

SEO Strategy - 5 Tips To Help You Succeed


The key to SEO is to have a better strategy than your competition. This will be your SEO Strategy.  The goal should be to drive as much traffic to your site as possible thus ranking higher on Google and other search engines. Many people who have not identified what is working and what isn’t will fail to get results- this more than likely due to ineffective strategies. In this article, we will discuss tips that will hopefully help get your SEO on track and be successful in placing at the top of the ranks in online searches!

Define Target Audience

The first step to define your audience is to understand your audience. What do we mean by define? Simply put, it means to identify your audience, to examine who your audience is and what their needs are. Your goal as a successful SEO strategist is to realize what your audience likes and how they make decisions on what to purchase. Once you successfully define and understand your audience, you will be able to help your audience. Whether that be with answering questions or targeting their interest. Once you have mastered the art of defining your targeted audience, not only will that solidify your strategic growth but it will also make you stand out as a trusted site which will only bring more business and traffic your way.

Keyword Research

Without keyword research, you will have no SEO success. Period. Keyword research has proven to be the key to reaching any audience. Keyword research is the window to get a glance at what consumers are searching for and what products they are ready to buy. Keyword research, if used correctly can also successfully increase your rankings, which is the ultimate goal when it pertains to SEO. When breaking down the keywords, there are two main types which are broken down below.

  • TARGETED KEYWORDS: Based on your audience, certain keywords should be used to draw them to your site (with Google’s help of course). For example, if your site is about RVs, and after conducting your keyword research you find that a common keyword phrase is “RV Travel”, obviously that should be a targeted keyword in your blog, pages, and even your product description to get more traffic to your site.


  • KEYWORDS NOT TARGETED: The term “work smarter not harder” also applies to the world of SEO. To be successful, you will also need to know what your competitors are doing and what has made them successful. Once you have obtained that knowledge, use it, and do better them. This method requires you to look at keywords that you are not targeting and not using, but others are and are ranking highly for. Not only will these probably be the easiest keywords that you will find, but they will also give you more options for keywords to create content around.

Build Optimized Content

Without relevant content, no one will come. Without keyword research, you will have zero knowledge of what your potential consumers want. However, creating an easy to navigate website with optimized content that is visually appealing is the perfect blueprint for success! Optimization should not end with webpages- optimization should extend to all content including landing pages, blogs, and your product description. I can’t stress enough that not only is relative content key- but also effective content. So, what do you need to do to make sure your content is effective?

  • ZONE IN ON CUSTOMERS NEEDS: How do you think Netflix builds its top ten list of most-watched movies? I will tell you, it’s because they have targeted their customers’ needs and wants. They have identified what their customers were watching the most and put those favorite watched movies in an easily accessible location within their app. To have effective content, you must be able to address any issues that your consumers may have. This will not only improve your relationship with your customers because you are showing that you are listening and providing. It will also show Google that you are providing answers and they will show their approval of your services by guiding visitors to your site.
  • CREATE LONGER CONTENT: This tip is as simple as it sounds. This will take more time but in the long run, the extra work will be worth it. Longer content to Google equals more satisfied users. In other words, Google sees longer content as more answers to questions that visitors are looking for. This one tip alone could yield more traffic to your site making for a more successful website.

Start Link Building

Many just starting in SEO would think that SEO is only about content. Surprisingly, that could not be the furthest from the truth. Experts in this field will tell you that links are the biggest secret to success when it comes to your ranking status with Google. SEO may change just a bit over time, but links will always play the same role. For successful link building strategies to take your website to the next level let’s look at a few tips.

  • DEVELOP YOUR BRAND: Social media is to SEO what Uber is to a rider. A godsend! What is a better way to build and develop your brand than with social media? With that said, the more social media profiles the better and the reason behind that is- to get in as many content links to as many platforms as possible to where other sites link back to your website.


  • HIGH POWER LINKS: A great reward as any SEO strategist would be to have a high authority website like Wikipedia to host your content and link back to your website. Talk about coverage and traffic! However, with any link building, patience is a must. It may take months to see results. Another important thing to keep in mind with link building is, links die every day whether that be due to websites shutting down, or webpages being deleted for example so keeping an eye on your links over time is very important to make sure your link never goes dead.


Track Your Results

Simply put, once you have followed all the above tips, the only thing left to do is track your results. Once you know what is working and what isn’t, you will be able to improve on your weaker areas to get to that sweet spot in Google’s rankings.




The key to success in becoming great in SEO is to have a better strategy than your competition. Creating beautiful, effective, and relevant content is a sure way to rank among the highest on Google and other search engines. However, it is important to know that all things will take time but persistence and listening to your audience will yield great results!