Content Marketing Strategy: 6 Tips To Help In Boring Niches

Content Marketing Strategy - 6 Tips To Help In Boring Niches


When it comes to Content Marketing, only the best will do when trying to achieve your full potential for success when it comes to SEO. However, all niches may not be as exciting as the next so the difficulty in that may be creating exciting content. A boring niche is as boring as the content provided but with the right content, that not so interesting niche could be transformed into one of the most sought out amongst consumers looking for answers.

What Problems Exist with Your Customers?

Before you can help anyone- you first need to identify any problems that may exist. If visitors see that their questions are being addressed and answered this will automatically make your content valuable. No matter the niche, there will be an audience and that audience is looking for specific information to solve their problem.

For example, if you are a chiropractor, which for some could be a pretty boring field and are wanting to do some content marketing for your firm, the first step is to use what you already know. The next step would be to use the tools around you. For example, fitness has become a popular trend and programs such as CrossFit, although is highly in demand, unfortunately, could also have huge negative effects on the body.

By explaining how the rigorous workouts can affect the bones and other important systems in the body could attract new clients that use the program. So, a once was a boring niche has been transformed into an interesting and exciting niche with the use of unique content and subject matter. So, how do you find out how to solve problems that your customers may have? Here are a few tips to help you identify and connect with your audience.

  • FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: Create a list of your most asked questions that your audience has. You can’t help if you are not aware of the problems.
  • MISCONCEPTIONS ABOUT PRODUCT OR SERVICE: The first thing you want to do is break down any barriers when it comes to any misconceptions about your product or service so that customers will not have a reason not to buy. To help with this, create a list of these misconceptions to help you understand what you will be dealing with.
  • BLOGS AND FORUMS: What better way to hear first-hand about the problems and questions your audience may have than to see what they are saying in the many online communities such as blogs and forums. Visiting a few of these communities will only give you an upper hand on the competition.
  • ANSWER THE PUBLIC: This valuable visualization keyword tool will be very helpful in pinpointing what people are typing in search engines. Answer the Public will help you find questions that are popular which in turn will allow you to get to know your audience and will also help your optimization for long-tail keywords.

The above tips if used will not only help you move up the Google ranks, but it will also help you create excellent content!

Help Your Audience Achieve Results

This may require some research on your part depending on how familiar you are with your niche. Your audience has come to you for one reason and that is to get results to solve their problem and your job is to help them get to their end goal by answering the “how-to” questions. If done successfully and your customers see results your boring niche is now interesting and useful because of successful Content Marketing.

Original Research

Data-driven content is some, if not the best kind of content for your business or service. The reason why is because of the strong support that it provides to effectively back up ideas that you may have that deems valuable to your audience. However, creating data-driven research is not an easy task. To conduct this type of study will take time and effort, something that a lot of your competitors may not be doing. With that said, if you ask your customers questions that they may have and take the time to create data-driven research around those questions, it would be safe to say that your content would stand out among the competition. Content Marketing is known as one of the most cost efficient to market because it takes more time than money.

Add A Story

Ok, I know a story may sound a bit boring so you may be asking, how does this help an already boring niche? Surprisingly, adding a story to your content could draw in more readers along with more time spent on a page by those readers. Remember, people are there for information- they want to know how something was able to be done and possibly even how they can do the same thing. Incorporating a story to your content could be exactly what you need to turn that boring niche into something enlightening and useful so why not share some of your own experiences and add them as a story? Some examples are:



In today’s world, engaging content has surpassed educational content. So much so that many companies both large and small have put more effort into entertaining content versus educational content. People have shown that they want the content to be more interactive and fun instead of just reading words on a screen. Adding some form of entertainment to your content will give a unique awareness to your products and services and not just seem to push a sale. There are many examples of commercials that have incorporated entertainment in their content to keep their audiences engaged.

One example is the Burger King “Burn That Ad” campaign in Brazil. With this fun campaign, anyone who opened the app and pointed their phone at its competitor’s ad would see it burn- using augmented reality and then transformed into a Burger King ad. After the flames settled, the user learned that they were the lucky winners of a free Whooper with instructions to the nearest location to redeem their prize. Talk about entertainment!

Consult/Hire an Expert

Consulting, and even hiring an expert will certainly give you an advantage in putting out quality content.  An expert will be able to consider things that you may have not had even thought you needed. Their insight will prove to be an asset for turning a not so interesting niche into a very powerful source of information.




In conclusion, no matter what niche you are in, and even if your niche is not the most interesting- content marketing is key. By listening to your audience, you will be able to provide solutions to their problems as well as answering any questions that they may have along the way. Keeping your audience engaged through entertainment and creating solid data-driven content will turn your boring niche into an excellent source of interesting information.