What is a Brand Manager?

What is a Brand Manager

So you want to know, What is a Brand Manager? The world of brands today is immense. Countless brands be it clothing, makeup or sports are more prominent than ever. There are multiple reasons behind the process of branding being this effective but one of the most common is the role of a brand manager. Brand marketing is a tedious process and requires not only years of hard work but rather an in-depth creative approach to build a brand identity. This is the reason why brands like Versace, Gucci, Nike & Adidas still continue to dominate their respective markets. These brands not only have years of history but rather at all points of time these brands have used the perfect marketing management techniques. Even though it has been pretty much proven that brand awareness is rather an important process but still smaller brands continue to ignore it. This is primarily because of the fact that they don’t know exactly what a brand manager is. This blog is for all those who are looking to understand what a brand manager is and what her/his role is in brand marketing:


What is the basic role of a Brand Manager?

A brand manager is a person who is responsible for creating a brand marketing strategy. That might sound obvious enough but the major point that is to be noticed here is the fact that he or she needs to represent the product itself. Brand marketing is all about brand awareness and the person who is a brand manager plays this part. His very own identity is complimentary towards the brand identity itself.

What Does A Brand Manager Do?

When it comes to practical notions of a brand manager. His or her role starts with market research which forms the basis of the entire brand identity. Marketing management also falls under his jurisdiction as the plan on how to create brand awareness is essential. Another thing worth mentioning is that market research tends to focus on aspects such as competitors analysis, product branding and client requirements. These factors need to be taken into account when brand marketing needs to be done. The development of marketing management and branding strategies also, are accomplished by a brand manager.

What Are The Qualities A Brand Manager Needs To Have?

The first and foremost quality a brand manager needs to have are exceptional writing skills. These writing skills must be phenomenal because the words convey a meaning through which they connect with people in a personalized manner. Brand identity falls under this skill because an identity is built on the words that the brand manager uses. Also, the number one rule of creating brand awareness is through storytelling for which awesome writing skills are required. Storytelling is typically considered one of the most important aspects of brand marketing. A story is all about how well one can connect to an audience. The role of a brand manager hence isn’t just limited to selling products, it rather is to sell the experience that comes with a certain product. Furthermore, great analytical skills are required in terms of the best utilization of your budget as well as a complete knowledge of the thing you’re marketing.

Further Responsibilities:

Some of the further responsibilities of a brand manager include the following aspects:

Brand Vision:

Vision is fairly important for a brand manager as the need for developing brand awareness starts with the vision. By vision, we simply imply that how the brand plans to bring a change in the life of its consumers. Vision further implies a brand manager’s role in the development of a brand strategy that is able to lure in more customers. Targeting potential customers or people who use a competitor’s’ product should be a priority for a brand manager. The branding strategy hence should be centered around the fact of expanding your sales and holding on to your current customer base.


In order for a branding strategy to be successful the communications with an audience is another responsibility. Brand strategies often include aspects such as discount offers, the introduction of new products, black Friday sales and what not. All these important events or updates must be communicated to the audience if positive results are required. Effective communication campaigns must be run on traditional platforms as well as online or social media.


Product Development and Expansion:

Marketing management also involves the development of new products which in itself is a hefty task. In order to appeal to a new audience or to catch up on trends, brand marketing in terms of new product development is an essential aspect of being a brand manager. Newer product development is an uphill task because introducing something new in the market comes with a lot of responsibility. A brand manager will have to deal with a lot of negativity if by some chance the product is not up to expectation. Introduction of new products also means that the brand identity will have to be maintained somehow. So yes, it can be a tough task especially when one is looking to expand as well.

Product Sales:

This one important duty basically defines the brand manager’s performance. His role is to provide an analysis of sales forecasts for the next few months. Most of the times sales forecasts of 6 months are needed to be analyzed. Product sales and how the brand manager is contributing towards it is simply an indicator of how well the manager is performing.

From marketing management to brand marketing, the role of a brand manager is an extremely important one. In order for a product to flourish and capture a sizeable portion of a market, the brand manager must follow brand awareness strategies which should compliment the brand identity as well. Hopefully, your question of what is a brand manager is addressed. Remember, a product’s driving force is the manager himself as the strategies as well as marketing management techniques make a product successful.


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