What is Marketing Automation And How It Can Help Marketers?

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is a software or the process that automates many of the processes that are the components of a marketing funnel. These processes or the components can be automated emails to the customers, SMS coordination, website management, and etcetera. Marketing is used for eliminating the repetitive tasks that take up most of the time in a marketing funnel.


For this many marketers may use this kind of software that essentially automates most of the components in the funnel of marketing strategy. A budding marketer should be well aware of this kind of software and can also see it as one of the best (Search Engine Optimization) SEO tools. Marketing is important and with the help of marketing automation you will see your business grow.


What is Marketing Automation?


So, how does actually Marketing Automation works?

Now hypothetically speaking, your marketing strategy actually becomes a roaring success. You should rest assured right? No Actually! Why you may ask? Well, the thing is when a marketing strategy actually becomes a success, in reality, it would also have created a lot of leads. Though in the end, they would not be sales ready or moreover will not be in a buying stage. For this, you have to convert them into an actual customer or as sales-ready lead.



To make these leads into a sales-ready stage lead or customer, you would have to use your CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) software, analyze the lead and more. Things like sorting it through many different leads will also be done. All of these and many more processes like these are part of a marketing funnel. This is where Marketing Automation comes in and automates all of these processes. If the marketing automation is used by any company, it almost instantly starts seeing a rise in buyers, web traffic and also a rise in the retention and loyalty of customers.


What people get wrong about Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is essentially very beneficial but many people will usually think that it is one of those black SEO tools that are very unethical to use. The truth is actually far from this and this could never be more wrong, The truth is that it allows you send relevant information and content according to your analysis rather than just spamming you with information and content through various means.


Sometimes many individuals will also think that marketing automation is relevant only for emails. This is also a myth as marketing automation can automate almost all the processes or components in the funnel that pertains marketing.


Marketing Automation - Infographics
Marketing Automation – Infographics


On the end note, we should also tell you that while marketing automation is one of the best tools out there for marketing but you should not depend on finding leads. A marketing automation software basically converts the found leads into sales ready prospective customers. Many customers will essentially believe that once they have this kind of software then all is good and the leads will also conjure up automatically. This is not the case as you should always find leads by yourself and for working them into sales-ready stage use marketing automation.